NBA Private Telegram - Liquid Markets & Props

NBA Private Telegram - Liquid Markets & Props

The NBA season is up and running, and so is the Private Telegram Group for my NBA Bets. Since I started sharing bets during the infamous ''NBA Bubble'' in 2020, my bets have seen a profit of over +350U on an avg stake of 1.39U per bet with a +8.6% ROI.

You can see all my results here:

The price is 35€ per month, and if you do not need to hear more, you can simply join by clicking the button down below!


What type of bets do you share?
The goal for this season is to have solid balance between the liquid markets (spreads/totals) and player props. This is to make sure that we keep accounts alive longer, and so that everyone is welcome. Both big rollers and lower stakes are welcome here! So far this season we've had 30 liquid market bets & 30 player props.

What are your main bookmakers?
Pinnacle and Bet365 are the main bookmakers I use. SBTech is also used quite a bit, but most of the time you'll be able to take those bets on either Pinn/B365 as well.

What is your unit-system?
I operate on a 4-unit scale. As you can see in the above picture, my avg stake has been 1.39U per bet during the last 2 NBA seasons. I will generally be attacking ‘’pick-em’’-lines which have around 1.90-1.95 odds and good/great limits. If you are from the US/Canada this might be a bit confusing, so feel free to dm if it doesn't make sense to you!

At what time of the day do you post bets?
Most of my bets will be posted during the first part of the day (European time zone, so early morning in NA). It's not a service that requires you to stay up late. There might be a few bets later in the day, but almost never after midnight.

Is the group limited to a certain number of people?
Yes - my group is capped at 100 members. This is to make sure that lines are achievable and available for all members. We are getting close to the limit, so if you dont want to miss out, you should sign-up soon! We are at 77 members currently.

Example of a bet from my group

You can sign-up by clicking the button down below. If you have any questions, you can reach me in dm's on Twitter or by email: