Ranking The Top 10 NBA Point Guards

Ranking The Top 10 NBA Point Guards

As we get closer to the season its always fun to rank players! Its important for me to emphasize player positivity, so do not engage in negative/derogative talk about athletes in general. Enjoy basketball, dont hate.

This list is my own personal opinions and are based on these criteria: Last season, expectations for this year & impact on playing winning basketball.

1. Luka Doncic

Last year: 28.4pts/9.1reb/8.7ast   45.7 FG%/35.3 3P%/74.4 FT%

After a few seasons of being the absolutely most talented young player in the league, we might be going into the first of many Luka Doncic MVP Seasons. Luka is already the bookmakers favorite to win MVP this year, and even though this was the same scenario last season, I don't disagree with his favorite role in the MVP race.

Coming off a EuroBasket where Luka looked more trimmed than ever, it bodes well for his overall season. We have often seen Luka be out of shape during the first 3 months of the year, but that won't be the case this time. He did look extremely banged up during their shocking loss to Poland, but the Mavericks should be able to get him back to 100% before the season tips off.

2. Stephen Curry

Last year: 25.5pts/5.2reb/6.3ast  43.7 FG%/38 3P%/92.3 FT%

Stephen Wardell Curry - 4x Champion, 2x MVP, 8x All-NBA, 2x Scoring Champ and the list of accolades goes on and on.. Coming off his first Finals MVP in a season where he finally overtook the record for most three pointers made in the entire HISTORY, the Golden State Warriors are looking to go back to back with Steph Curry once again leading the pack.

3. Trae Young

Last year: 28.4pts/3.7reb/9.7ast   46 FG%/38.2 3P%/90.4 FT%

ICE TRAE YOUNG! In my opinion Trae is one of the most mesmerizing guards in the entire league. Being able to finish around the rim as he does, with all the different shots he can make, is very unique in today's NBA. He’s almost like a 2K character, where you’ve just taken a bunch of shot-styles that you think are fun.

With the addition of Dejounte Murray we might see Trae’s overall production go down but his efficiency, which is already great, should only go up, up, up. Being able to play off the ball will be amazing for a great shooter like Trae. He won't have to do EVERYTHING on offense anymore, and will also have a partner in crime who’s a great defender. Great news for the former All NBA Short King.

4. Ja Morant

Last year: 27.4pts/5.7reb/6.7ast   49.3 FG%/34.4 3P%/76.1 FT%

Last seasons most talked about player & team, Ja & the Grizzlies, goes into this year with much bigger expectations from the outside world, which could lead to a small downturn in overall performance. That wont take away from Ja Morant’s absolute superstardom.

Opponents won't underestimate Ja and the Memphis Grizzlies this season, and they will also be missing JJJ for at least a good bit of the season. The goal for Morant and the Grizzlies should be a top 6-seed in a tough Western Conference. Look out for an absurd amount of highlights from the 4th year player! #12!!

5. James Harden

Last year: 22pts/7.7reb/10.3ast   41 FG%/33 3P%/87.7 FT%

I have a love/hate-relationship with James Harden - mostly hate.. But, it's obvious how great of a player he is, when healthy. You can talk a lot about attitude, in which the Beard would rank horribly low in the NBA, but what he brings to a team, luckily, makes up for this. Averaging 22 points, 8 rebounds & 10 assists in a season where he basically sucked is absolutely insane.

James Harden HAS to be in better shape this season, and if he can achieve that, the Philadelphia 76’ers should find their way to the Eastern Conference Finals at a minimum. Anything but that would be a massive failure in my opinion.

6. Damian Lillard

Last year: 24pts/4.1reb/7.3ast   40.2 FG%/32.4 3P%/87.8 FT%

Its ‘’Redemption SZN’’ for the now 32-year-old Trail Blazer. Lillard had a rough season last year, and while it was due to injuries, mainly the one he picked up during the Olympics, he still needs to bounce back to his previous self.

The Blazers had some decent pick-ups during the offseason, and they should challenge for a top 6-seed and avoid the Play-In tournament - even though I have no doubt that ‘’Dame Time’’ would thrive in those types of games. I’m personally looking forward to watching a healthy Damian Lillard again. He's way too disrespected.

7. Jrue Holiday

Last year: 18.3pts/4.5reb/6.8ast   50.1 FG%/41.1 3P%/76.1 FT%

I was close to putting Jrue Holiday higher on this list, but had to calm myself down because of my love and bias for defenders. Jrue is the BY FAR best 2-way guard in today's NBA, with only Paul George & Dejounte Murray coming close in that ranking. Holiday was key in the Bucks & Giannis’ first Championship and if they are to win it again, they need him to lock down the opponents best guard while still being efficient on offense.

Holiday and Giannis pushed the eventual finalists, the Celtics, to a 7-game series without Khris Middleton last year. In that series Jrue Holiday was a defensive monster, while Giannis was breaking his back trying to carry their offense in a tough matchup. Watch out for a healthy Milwaukee Bucks this year.

8. Kyrie Irving

Last year: 27.4pts/4.4reb/5.8ast   46.9 FG%/41.8 3P%/91.5 FT%

Argh, imagine if Kyrie was only known for his on-court skills? He would certainly be one of the most beloved players of all time because of his absurd level of talent and skill, but there's just too much off-court fuzz about Kyrie which makes it hard to truly enjoy his game.

Kyrie will be able to play more off-ball now that Ben Simmons is in Brooklyn. This should give him more opportunities to use his amazing spot-up shooting. I'm expecting a 50/40/90-season from Kyrie this year.

9. Darius Garland

Last year: 21.7pts/3.3reb/8.6ast  46.2 FG%/38.3 3P%/89.2 FT%

I don't like having one of the all-time greats below the young Cleveland guard, but it just feels like 2 players on different trajectories. Garland grew immensely over the last two seasons, and I expect him to take another jump this year. His overall production might go down with the addition of Spida, but his already great efficiency should only go up. Garland, Spida, Mobley & Allen is the best core of young players in the league.. Exciting times in The Land!

10. Chris Paul

Last year: 14.7pts/4.4reb/10.8ast  49.3 FG%/31.7 3P%/83.7 FT%

It feels like time is running out for CP3 to finally get his ring.. It's sad, but that's just how it goes sometimes. This could be the last season where the 37-year-old Point God will have a true chance of impacting a Championship team, and I’m personally rooting for the Suns to go on another run. But, it will be TOUGH with the absurd level of competition in the Western Conference..

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Ben Simmons was not on this list as I dont expect him to run the traditional point guard-role in Brooklyn this season. He should (I hope) run as a point center.