Ranking the Top 10 NBA Shooting Guards

Ranking the Top 10 NBA Shooting Guards

As we get closer to the season its always fun to rank players! Its important for me to emphasize player positivity, so do not engage in negative/derogative talk about athletes in general. Enjoy basketball, dont hate.

This list is my own personal opinions and are based on these criteria: Last season, expectations for this year & impact on playing winning basketball.

10. Tyrese Maxey

Last year: 17.5pts/3.2reb/4.3ast  48.5 FG%/42.7 3P%/86.6 FT%

Everyone’s darling from last year is back, and who would’ve thought he would rise to the top as fast as he has? His 42.7% from deep last year was a surprise for me, but if that is his actual % and not just a ‘’good year’’, the sky is truly the limit for the 3rd year player.

As long as Harden is in Philly, Maxey needs to take full advantage of having the opportunity to 1st of all learn from a certified Hall of Famer, and 2nd not have the pressure of being THE guard for a championship-caliber team.

9. Klay Thompson

Last year: 20.4pts/3.9reb/2.8ast  42.9 FG%/38.5 3P%/90.2 FT%

I’m ecstatic with how great Klay looked coming off some horrific injuries, and not having played for 2 full seasons. Don't get me wrong, Klay didn't look as amazing as his old self, but considering the situation, he looked much better than what anyone could’ve expected.

We, as fans, must appreciate this Golden State-dynasty while the band is still together, and much of the beauty of that trio (Klay, Step, Dray) is Klay Thompson masterful shooting abilities. While I don't expect him to ever reach his old level of play, there’s still lots of room to improve from last season - and that is something we can expect. Progress.

8. CJ McCollum

Last year: 22.1pts/4.3reb/5.1ast  46.0 FG%/38.8 3P%/68.2 FT%

It was rather strange to see CJ McCollum in a Pelicans uniform after 8½ seasons next to Damian Lillard in Portland, but he very quickly adapted to a new team and was honestly quite amazing to end the season. CJ fits in perfectly in New Orleans.

The Pelicans are for me the team with the biggest upside in the entire league. A lineup consisting of CJ McCollum, Herb Jones, Brandon Ingram, Zion Williamson and Jonas Valanciunas is ridiculous.. They aren't as deep as you could hope, but there are still some solid options off the bench. It will all come down to Zion’s health.

7. Anthony Edwards

Last year: 21.3pts/4.8reb/3.8ast  44.1 FG%/35.7 3P%/78.6 FT%

If Ant Man puts everything together this season, he will catapult himself into superstardom. I was personally frustrated with how he sometimes completely disappears and barely touches the ball in some games, and that HAS to change for such a gifted player.

Ant needs to take 20+ shots on average - he’s too good not to. We are looking at a potential future MVP when Anthony Edwards steps on the floor.

6. Dejounte Murray

Last year: 21.1pts/8.3reb/9.2ast  46.2 FG%/32.7 3P%/79.4 FT%

All-Star Dejounte Murray is teaming up with All-NBA Trae Young in Atlanta this season, and while it looks great from Trae Young’s perspective, I have more doubts about Dejounte having to play off-ball. Murray is not a good spot-up shooter, and will need to figure out how to play off-ball next to a ball-dominant point guard.

I'm expecting Dejounte’s overall offensive output to go down, but his impact on a team leads to winning basketball. He can be a dark horse for DPOY if he turns back into his old self on defense. Look for something like a 16pts/9reb/7ast-statline in the 2022-23 season.

5. Bradley Beal

Last year: 23.2pts/4.7reb/6.6ast  45.1 FG%/30.0 3P%/83.3 FT%

Mr Beal got a BAG this offseason and has an interesting team to compete with - the pairing with Kristaps Porzingis is particularly interesting. Injuries were a big part of his small decline last season, but he should be back to compete as one of the absolute best scorers this year.

The Wizards are by no means a lock to make the playoffs, but with a player like Bradley Beal anything is possible - if health permits it.

4. Zach Lavine

Last year: 24.4pts/4.6reb/4.5ast  47.6 FG%/38.9 3P%/85.3 FT%

Argh, injuries suck. Lavine dealt with a bit too many injuries last year, and it's unsure how much it will affect the high-flying guard this season. This Chicago Bulls team stands and falls with the health of Zach Lavine, so it is necessary that they get it under control - even if it means sacrificing a seed or two to make sure the health is ready for Playoffs come April.

Chicago is quite a strange team coming into this season, and I'm honestly quite not sure if they are a Playoff-lock, or if they will have to battle it out in the Play-Ins. Injuries could once again kill the Bulls.

3. Donovan Mitchell

Last year: 25.9pts/4.2reb/5.3ast  44.8 FG%/35.5 3P%/85.3 FT%

I don't think many people had seen the trade to Cleveland coming, but Cavs GM Mike Gansey pulled the trigger - kudos to him. The Cavs backcourt will be extremely small, but Isaac Okoro and the duo of Evan Mobley & Jarrett Allen should be able to make up for their guard defense.

Expect Donovan Mitchell’s overall output to go down, but his effectiveness to go up. I cannot wait to watch this Cavs team play. They should be incredibly fun. If it wasnt for Mitchell’s poor history in the Playoffs, I would probably have him above #3 - is it finally time for some success in that department?

2. Jaylen Brown

Last year: 23.6pts/6.1reb/3.5ast  47.3 FG%/35.8 3P%/75.8 FT%

Jaylen Brown's rise to the top over the last few seasons have been inspiring. Going from a roleplayer needed for his defense to one of the more well-rounded players in the entire league is impressive to say the least.

If Jaylen can get a bit more consistent with his ball-handling and go up a few % on his 3s, we will be talking about Jaylen as a superstar.. I mean for God's sake, there were even talks about Jaylen Brown being better than Jayson Tatum not too long ago. His ceiling is incredibly high.

1. Devin Booker

Last year: 26.8pts/5.0reb/4.8ast  46.6 FG%/38.3 3P%/86.8 FT%

It wasn't really until this moment when I started writing this, that I thought ‘’could Devin Booker be a sneaky MVP this year?’’. After a quite embarrassing 2nd round exit to Luka Doncic and the Mavs last season, Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns should be PISSED.

They got clowned this whole offseason, and if we know anything about the greatest athletes in this sport: they take that shit personally. I’m expecting a full season of Devin Booker in ‘’Mamba’’-mode, which could lead to increase in all areas. Could 30pts/6reb/6ast be enough to win the MVP award?

It feels like most people are forgetting about the Suns. If they were to finish as a top 2-seed once again, it's not out of the realm of possibilities that it's on the back of a monster Devin Booker year!

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