Warriors @ Celtics: Write-up

Posted 2 bets involving Andrew Wiggins earlier today - here's a write-up!

Warriors @ Celtics: Write-up

Posted earlier:
Andrew Wiggins O15.5 Points - 1.83 - 2/4 Kambi (gone now)
Andrew Wiggins O19.5 Points - 4.10 - 0.5/4 B365 (worth 2U if you missed O16.5)

The series is tied at 1-1 as we head into G3 in Boston. Andrew Wiggins scored 20 in G1, but only managed to score 11 points in the last game. He missed 3 wide open layups, and only played 30 minutes in a blowout win. We should see 36+ minutes under ‘’normal’’ circumstances.

Wiggins has been the Dubs arguably 2nd best player through the playoffs behind Steph Curry. He played very well in the Dallas-series due to an easier matchup, but we should expect him to play an even bigger role on offense, now that Gary Payton II is back from an injury, which will make Jordan Poole's role smaller.

When playing at least 36 minutes: Over 15.5 in 16 of 20 games (80%)
When playing at least 36 minutes: Over 19.5 in 9 of 20 games (45%)

Extra info: landed on exactly 16pts in 4 out of those 20

Boston’s elite rim-protection is a bit scary, but the stats are just too good - especially with a big offensive weapon like Poole most likely going down in minutes. Tough matchup, but great historical stats.

I’ll be happy if we see 36+ minutes and 13+ attempts